Submissions to the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights regarding the demise of the Law Commission of Canada

Re: Indigenous Bar Association Submissions relating to the Law Commission of Canada Further to your discussions earlier today with our office, I attach submissions to the Committee in relation to the above noted matter on behalf of the Indigenous Bar Association.

In addition, I signal concern that while other organizations appear to have been invited to make submissions before the Committee, the Indigenous Bar Association has not. Therefore, we were surprised to learn only at the last moment that such submissions were being heard by the Committee on this important issue – particularly in light of the IBA’s public position on this matter. Regardless, we were able to finalise our submissions and provide you with the same.

I also confirm that while we have been notified that there is no time available on the Committee’s agenda for additional witnesses we have one of our senior members, Mr. David Nahwegahbow on stand-by in Ottawa in the event some time does become available at Monday’s hearing. I would kindly ask that you advise us as soon as possible should any time be available and thank you in advance for your consideration.

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