Call for Papers: Scow Institute Call for Papers on Aboriginal Issues

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2006 Call For Papers on Aboriginal Issues
October, 2006

The Scow Institute for Communicating Information on Aboriginal Issues (“Scow Institute”) issues a call for research papers (“Research Papers”) and fact sheets (“Fact Sheets”) with respect to the following subject areas:

Aboriginal Justice

  • and Aboriginal women;
  • and Aboriginal youth;
  • Aboriginal courts;
  • Aboriginal policing /corrections; and
  • Restorative Justice

Legal issues in respect of

  • Aboriginal people with disabilities;
  • Aboriginal Elders; and
  • Comparative governance structures among Aboriginal peoples in Canada.

For more information about these topic areas and the Scow Institute including current Research Papers and Fact Sheets see

The Scow Institute
The Scow Institute works towards greater understanding between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples through information that is fact based, non-partisan, and accessible on topical issues that affect all Canadians.  The Institute was founded in 2001 by retired Judge Alfred J. Scow, the first Aboriginal person called to the Bar and to the Bench in British Columbia, and other interested persons. The Scow Institute is primarily funded by The Law Foundation of British Columbia and has received funding from the Notary Foundation and Vancity.

Purpose of the Research Papers/Fact Sheets
The Research Papers and Fact Sheets are directed toward Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in the general public; libraries; media; business; community organizations; and toward individuals in the fields of education and social services. They will be used for educational purposes in a variety of settings, and they will be available to the public on the Scow Institute web site.

 Invitation to submit proposals
The Scow Institute is seeking any persons with training and experience in the fields of Aboriginal law, social work, health and other related fields to submit proposals for Research Papers and accompanying Fact Sheets intended for the general public. The Research Papers and Fact Sheets should be fact based, non-partisan in tone and content.

All contractors will be remunerated in accordance with Scow Institute policy and the terms of the contract.

Terms of the contract require a Research Paper of 4000 – 6000 words in length.  In addition, the contractor will supply a plain language Fact Sheet on the same topic of 1000 – 1500 words in length.

Style guide
Scow Institute papers should conform to The Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation, published by Carswell.

The Research Papers and Fact Sheets will be the exclusive property of the Scow Institute.  The Scow Institute will acknowledge the author of the works when they are published or disseminated.

First drafts and bibliographies will be due three months from date of the contract.  Final papers and Fact sheets must be completed within two months after first draft approval.  Payment will be made in two installments, based on approval of first and final drafts.

Legal Review and editing
The Scow Institute may do a legal review of the paper and or a plain language edit.  In all cases, the author will be consulted on any required changes.

Submission process
Please submit via email only i) a research proposal outline in relation to one of the listed subject areas, ii) resume; and iii) one page writing sample no later than 5 pm on November 15th   2006, via:


For further inquiries:   phone 604-696-1838